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Soul Shine Sedona is a playground for the Bohemian Free Spirited Soul to shop.  Our Artwork, Clothing & Jewelry all reflect a love of the human spirit and colorful vibes!  We believe in valuing life, the planet and all of her inhabitants and our intention is to express that in our store and product choices.

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Have a one of a kind coffee sleeve then remove it and wear it as a bracelet when your coffee is done!  These  handmade elastic pieces are 2" wide by 7.5" long (can fit an 8" wrist as well).  They have a velcro closure so you can loosen or tighten as needed for your wrist.  To place on coffee cup, close the velcro first then slide up the cup itself.  The elastic band allows it to flex to fit your cup as needed (not for wide coffee mugs- or mugs with handles)

Coffee Sleeve Bracelet

Coffee Sleeve Bracelet